Looking for a holiday park in Hellendoorn?

At a short distance from the village of Hellendoorn lies holiday park Buitenplaats Holten. Relax in our holiday park with luxurious nature houses in Overijssel and discover the beautiful surroundings.

Rent a cottage on a bungalow park near Hellendoorn
Would you like to rent a cottage on a bungalow park near Hellendoorn? Buitenplaats Holten is a small-scale holiday park in Overijssel, near Hellendoorn. Our bungalow park is situated on the Sallandse Heuvelrug, just like the village of Hellendoorn.

You won't get bored at this child-friendly park. Visit the animals in our own petting zoo or discover the playground on the park. In addition, the holiday park has a heated outdoor swimming pool. So if you are looking for a holiday park in Overijssel with outdoor pool, Buitenplaats Holten is also highly recommended. Moreover, there is the possibility to enjoy lounging in De Huiskamer. Drink a cup of coffee or read a book and enjoy the surroundings.

Buitenplaats Holten has several holiday homes for rent, suitable for 4 to 6 persons, depending on the type of chalet. They are luxurious chalets, with lots of space and privacy. The cottage is surrounded by a landscaped garden, possibly on the waterfront, with a sunny terrace. 

Spend the night near the Adventure Park Hellendoorn

Would you like to spend the night at Avonturenpark Hellendoorn? You don't have to stay in the village of Hellendoorn. Buitenplaats Holten is only 15 kilometres away and a 20-minute drive from this amusement park in Hellendoorn. The Adventure Park and our holiday park are both located on the beautiful National Park De Sallandse Heuvelrug.

In Hellendoorn there is much more to do besides the Adventure Park. In the center there is for example a bakery and ice museum and many events take place every year. A must is to attend the Strongman Run, Dewpop and the Helders Feest, if you are in Hellendoorn around that time. These are very big and popular events in Hellendoorn and are visited by many people.

Besides Hellendoorn, there is a lot more to do in the vicinity of Buitenplaats Holten. The holiday park is located on the Holterberg, part of the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Discover the surroundings by a lovely bike ride or walk through the Sallandse Heuvelrug. This nature reserve is characterized by the beautiful heathland and forests. Maybe you will encounter the grouse, this bird species is almost extinct and can only be found in this region.

Buitenplaats Holten is located between the village of Holten and the city of Rijssen. These towns are just a 10 minute drive from the holiday park. Culturally minded and willing to drive a little further? Then the city of Deventer is highly recommended, half an hour's drive from Buitenplaats Holten. If you are looking for a holiday park in Deventer, Buitenplaats Holten is also highly recommended. Lovely quiet sleep at only 30 minutes drive.