• Beautiful nature reserves
  • Fun forests for kids
  • The Netherlands’ best cycling and walking region
  • Historical sights


There is plenty to do in the surroundings of Buitenplaats Holten! The area surrounding the park combines the beauty of the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park, with the village of Holten on one side and the city of Rijssen on the other. You can literally walk or cycle straight into the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park from the Buitenplaats Holten Holiday Park to enjoy its heath and forest. The surrounding views are hardly recognisable as part of the Dutch landscape, you may even wonder whether you’re really in the Netherlands. The Sallandse Heuvelrug is located between Hellendoorn and Holten and offers many cycling routes and walking trails. The most notable hills are the Hellendoornse Berg, the Haarlerberg, the Holterberg and the Koningsbelt. The local nature is varied and contains some remarkable species of animals. The black grouse is almost extinct and can only be found on the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Many grouse have been killed by traffic, which is why traffic has been restricted in this area. This is another reason why the area is an excellent choice for a cycling holiday! Additionally, Buitenplaats Holten is close to Deventer. Our holiday park near Deventer is a must if you are looking for a base from which to visit Deventer. 


Nature reserves

Next to our park you will find National Park the Sallandse Heuvelrug. This nature reserve consists of several hills, so you would almost forget that you are on vacation in the Netherlands! 🌿 Here you will find the Hellendoornse Berg, the Haarlerberg, the Holterberg and the Koningsbelt. Nature is versatile, which ensures that many veschild species can be found here. 🐿️ The grouse for example: this grouse is almost extinct and can only be found on the Salland Ridge! Below are the most beautiful nature reserves in our area where you can enjoy cycling and walking. 🚶🏽‍♀️

Biking and hiking

Did you know that our vacation park is located in the best cycling and hiking region of the Netherlands? 😄 You will find many beautiful and unique natural areas with various cycling and hiking routes. There is plenty to admire if you are a true nature lover. 🌱 If you like to hike, bike or mountain bike, take a quick look at our tips below! ⬇️

MTB-routes Hellendoorn

Are you a mountain bike lover? Then you have come to the right place in the Hellendoorn area! You will find beautiful mountain bike routes here.

Hiking trails Sallandse Heuvelrug

Experience the liberation of Twente and Salland at the Sallandse Heuvelrug and walk past many relics that recall World War II and the liberation.

Cycling routes in Twente

The cycling routes in Twente are endless. Cycle right through the greenery or across the moors. Didn't bring a bike? Rent a bike and discover the surroundings!


Near our vacation park is the National Park the Sallandse Heuvelrug. A beautiful place where you can hike and bike, there is also a visitor center where you can learn more about this beautiful piece of nature and the animals that live there. 🌳 You will also find the Canadian War Cemetery, one of the largest military cemeteries in the Netherlands. Which place will you visit during your vacation in Twente? 🍁

Nature Museum Holterberg

This nature museum near Buitenplaats Holten consists of a number of life-size dioramas displaying more than 1,000 animals. Surely you want to see that!

Holterberg Nature Museum

Heerlijkheid Linde

Where city meets countryside. A lovely place with farm store, local products, terrace, playground and animal pasture.

Heerlijkheid Linde

Villages and cities

The area around Holten has dozens of beautiful villages and cities where there is plenty to do. For example, you will find the Twente villages of Rijssen, Wierden and Enter just a stone's throw away, and by car you will soon be in the big cities of Deventer and Enschede. 🌇 Have a day trip to the pool in Holten 💦 grab a terrace, visit the theater in cozy Deventer or unwind at Thermen Bussloo. 🥰


Deventer is a beautiful, old city on the river IJssel. Visit one of the cozy streets full of great stores and tasty restaurants or bring your blanket and enjoy the city beach on the IJssel.


Enter is a small village near Buitenplaats Holten. This village is also known as 'the village of clogs and zompen'. You will find the largest clog in the world and you can shop at the fashion street of Twente!

Food and drink

In Twente we do love to eat and drink. 🥂 Therefore, we like to share our favorite restaurants and terraces in the area with you, so you don't have to miss them during your vacation in Holten. Taste local beers at Proeflokaal in Twello 🍻, discover delicious restaurants in Deventer, such as Roasted and Valencia or choose lunch at Meadow at the city beach in Deventer. 😍 Are you more into drinks? Then Old Fashioned in Rijssen is the perfect place for you! If you want to taste a real piece of twente, visit different farmers and taste their tastiest regional products! 🧀

The child-friendly restaurant of Holliday Park Mölke is only a 10-minute drive away. While you are dining, the children can have fun in the adjacent indoor playground. Combine the restaurant with a family activity at this park, such as cruising on the Regge River or bowling!


Anouk's favorite spot

"Unlimited enjoyment is possible at the Stadsboerderij in Rijssen. This nice restaurant is near Buitenplaats Holten and they have lots of options!" 😋


Esmee's favorite restaurant

"t Losse Hoes in Holten is a fine and beautiful place for a bite to eat and a drink. Especially the carpaccio or a friends board with the drinks is highly recommended." 🥖


Anne's favorite restaurant

"Jackies Deventer is a super nice place to have an evening of extensive dining together! You put together a 2 or 3-course dinner. So delicious you almost can't choose!" 🍽️


Activities for kids

Are you on a vacation with kids? Then we know some fun activities you can do! From amusement parks to petting zoos, there is plenty to do here in Twente! Cuddle with all the little animals at a petting zoo 🐐, seek adventure in a climbing forest 🌳 or feel the adrenaline through your body in the roller coaster. 🎢 Check out our tips below!