Borkeld Nature Reserve 

The Borkeld Nature Reserve is located between HoltenRijssen and Markelo, just a short 10-minute drive from Buitenplaats Holten. It covers approximately 600 hectares and belongs to the Dutch State Forest Management (Staatbosbeheer). This nature reserve is known for its young forest, heaths, clay pits, fields and grasslands. It is also home to the largest juniper berry shrub in the Netherlands, which makes the area extra special! 

Borkeld is also an archaeological site, as stone axes, scalpels and other stone tools from 13,000 years ago have been found here. Prehistoric burial mounds and settlement sites have also been found, ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 years ago. 

This nature reserve is easy to explore by bike or on foot, with a variety of routes available: 

o The Borkeld trail = 5 km, through the forest and along the heath 

o The Friezenberg trail = 3.5 km, runs along the highest and lowest point of the area on the Friezenberg Hill and Elsenerveen Valley 

o Elsenerveen = 180 metre long footpath 

These routes form part of the local hiking trail network and all 3 offer beautiful views of the landscape. There are also 2 routes for the disabled. For cycle paths, check out the local cycle network. 

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