The tourist village of Holten


The village of Holten is popular with tourists for its numerous small shops, markets and fairs. There are lots of activities on offer for young and old during the holiday season. Holten has always been a top holiday destination for all ages, and offers numerous amenities such as: 

• Twenhaarsveld swimming pool 

• Holterberg nature diorama 

• Holten Canadian cemetery  

Holterberg Hill is a special experience for those seeking tranquillity. In this vast natural area, forests, heathland and wildlife are treated with respect. This unique part of the Netherlands offers complete peace and quiet, and fantastic walking and cycling opportunities. At times, you won't meet anyone for hours during a walk here. The wind rushes through the treetops. Badger or deer tracks can be spotted in the sand. Look for a tranquil bench, take a break, enjoy the sunset. Listen to the silence ... 

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📸: @MarketingOost - Barbara Trienen