The Regge 

The Regge region is located near our holiday park in Holten. The Regge river runs from the Twente canal to Goor, through Rijssen, Enter and Hellendoorn in the direction of Ommen, where it eventually merges into the Vecht river. In the past, the Regge was a wild river, but it was turned into a gentle river as fishermen grew frustrated with the swampy areas. Slowly, the river has been designed to return back to its former, wild state. Thanks to this change, there are plenty of recreational activities to experience along the Regge. 

Water activities 

There are various activities on offer on the Regge, such as hiring a boat, canoeing, and river cruises to admire the beautiful nature of the area from the water. 

The area surrounding the Regge is immersed in nature. From the water you can see birds nesting on the banks and with a bit of luck you may even spot kingfishers flying by. 

You will also see how people and nature coexist in the Regge region. Sail along and admire a vineyard, an old Saxon farmyard, as well as organic farms. 

Enjoy along the water 

In addition to water-based activities, you can also enjoy the Regge by land. Several walking and cycle paths run along the river, allowing you to spend time cycling and walking

In addition to walking and cycling, you can also enjoy fishing on the Regge. A census from the Rijkswaterstaat water authority indicates that no fewer than 22 different fish species swim around the Regge, a number of which are bream, pike, carp and perch. A fishing permit is required in order to fish here. 

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Photos of the Regge and the area

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