Nature reserve Lemelerberg 

Nature reserve De Lemelerberg is located between Lemelerveld and Lemele. You can get there in about 30 minutes by car from Buitenplaats Holten. This nature reserve is known for the play forest 'In Het Hol van de Leeuw' on top of the mountain. The sheep, which you will encounter here, ensure that the area does not grow thickly with trees and that the beautiful heather does not erode. 

This nature reserve has a height of almost 80 meters. There is a variety of sandy plains, heathland, juniper berries and forests. The Lemelerberg is a unique nature experience for young and old! You can discover the Lemelerberg both on bicycle and on foot. There are several bicycle and walking routes to explore this beautiful nature reserve. 


Photos of Nature reserve Lemelerberg

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