Holidaypark with fishing waters

Buitenplaats Holten is located near the city of Rijssen. Rijssen is situated next to a river called "de Regge". With just a 10 minute drive you'll be at the river. De Regge has gently flowing water with a natural flow. There are about 22 species you can catch in these waters including Bream, PIke, Carp and Perch. Fishing is possible throughout the year, provided you have a fishing license.

De Regge offers various fishing options. For example, you can fish from a canoe. You can rent a canoe at Vakantiepark Mölke. The park is located along the river. You can find a quiet spot for fishing from there. Enjoy the surroundings while fishing and explore the region. Besides fishing there are are all sorts of activities on the water. For more information visit the website of Mölke


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